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Auto-Registered Accounts Ukraine

Auto-registered accounts, commonly referred to as “auto-registrations” or “autorregs,” are a standard tool for arbitrageurs and individuals engaged in online promotion of products or services. They are the cheapest type of account available in the specialized market, created through automatic registration (either manually or with special software). Autorregs don't have real owners, making them similar to bots. These accounts are used for sending out mass emails, promoting advertising materials, and other user tasks. Even if such an account is lost, it's not a significant issue as it's a consumable, and moreover, the most budget-friendly one necessary to achieve set goals.

Auto-registrations are cheap products, usually sold in batches. Buyers should be aware that the lifespan of such profiles is extremely short, typically lasting only 3-5 days before being blocked by platform algorithms, like those of Facebook, for instance. To extend an account's life, it's advisable not to use it immediately after purchase but let it sit for a while. Despite their short lifespan, auto-registrations are perfectly suited for certain tasks.

Why are Auto-Registrations Purchased?

Our customers primarily use these products, widely available in our catalog, for circumventing blocks and scaling target bundles. For example, when launching 400-500 accounts on Facebook and directing traffic to a prohibited offer (gambling, adult, nutra, etc.), auto-registrations are indispensable. Although they live no longer than 5 days, they can generate a minimum of 20 leads in that time, thus ensuring decent profits.

Such accounts are often used for receiving emails, registering on various platforms, and conducting mass mailings. Given their affordable cost, auto-registrations save the arbitrageur a lot of time and allow for the automation of certain routine processes.

Advantages of Using Auto-Registrations

  • Affordability: In our online store, they are the most budget-friendly product.
  • Creating a network of accounts, establishing connections between purchased accounts through likes and reposts.
  • Rapid scaling of bundles.
  • A vast choice of GEOs (we offer auto-registrations for Ukraine, USA, Asia, etc.).
  • Affordable price, especially compared to trust accounts.
  • Rich equipment (often coming with cookies, tokens, user-agents, etc.).
  • The possibility to link a bank card.

Types of Auto-Registrations

The market actively uses two types of auto-registrations – clean and developed. Clean ones are newly created accounts that are not even filled out (hence the name).

Developed auto-registrations are accounts with profile owner information provided. They cost slightly more, which is justified as the account needs to be filled out. Statistics show that the completion level of developed auto-registrations is about 80 percent.

Quality Auto-Registrations in Ukraine at an Affordable Price

If you are looking for good yet inexpensive auto-registrations from a reliable, verified seller, consider the products in this section of our catalog. They have been checked and are sold with a guarantee, and the affordable price and the option to purchase accounts with additional features come as a pleasant surprise to most of our clients. Experienced specialists are ready to answer all questions and provide qualified assistance in selecting the optimal solution, ensuring a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation with us.