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Verified Business Managers

A crucial tool for working with advertising on Facebook is the Business Manager. Without it, launching and conducting successful advertising campaigns, scaling them, configuring settings, and performing other tasks critical for business profitability can be challenging.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

It's the official tool of the popular platform, providing virtually unlimited management possibilities for all of a user's fan pages in one place. With the Business Manager, it's easy to manage advertising accounts, so-called "shared logins" (essentially fake accounts), and monitor the work of employees involved in conducting advertising campaigns.

Types of Business Managers

There are several types of Business Managers, each with its own features and benefits. For small volumes, a $50 BM is sufficient. Many people prefer the $250 business manager, as it implies a daily limit of $250 and allows the creation of four more advertising accounts. Experienced arbitrageurs and professionals engaged in advertising on the popular social network, successfully promoting products or services, choose verified Facebook Business Managers.

Advantages of Verified BMs

This type of business manager provides access to additional platform functionalities and offers a wide array of useful tools. This includes the ability to use the Audience Network, create up to ten advertising accounts in different countries. Also, verified BMs more easily gain high positions in Facebook's ad auction rankings, significantly improving campaign effectiveness and reducing placement costs.

In other words, a verified BM is a completely different level, trust instruments, officially documented for a legal entity with a Charter, Registration Number, and other important information. Facebook's trust in verified Business Managers is significantly higher, meaning working with them brings more profit and minimizes any risks.

Obtaining a verified BM independently is possible, but it's extremely difficult for individuals who are not legal entities or do not own a company, organization, or LLC. You could use data from public sources and undergo verification by entering them in the appropriate fields. However, without the necessary experience, it's easy to get confused, make mistakes, and still end up blocked. Your time and efforts would be wasted. It's much more sensible to buy an already prepared, checked, verified Business Manager that has passed all necessary checks and is trusted by the platform.

How to Properly Purchase a BM

When buying a BM from a trusted site, a responsible seller provides the customer with the following information:

  • The ID of the Facebook Business Manager (needed for verification).
  • An invitation link to the BM.
  • A backup invitation link (optional).

After accepting the invitation, you should remove the first admin (which is not difficult, even for beginner arbitrageurs).

Buying Verified BMs with a Guarantee

Our online store features tested and verified BMs for sale with a guarantee, available to a wide range of customers. All business managers are thoroughly tested by competent specialists and are fully ready for use immediately after purchase.

Have questions? Contact us in any way convenient for you and get detailed consultation and professional assistance in choosing.