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Accounts with Passed Advertising Restrictions

Facebook is one of the favorite advertising platforms, consistently in high demand among Russian (and not only) arbitrageurs, as well as among people who are somehow connected with the advertising business online. Despite a large number of restrictions, the platform's popularity remains consistently high over the years, and the recent innovations have already been successfully circumvented by skilled professionals.

Advertising Restrictions on Facebook: What is it?

The most common limitation of the social network is the prohibition of advertising activities – advertising restrictions. At least 99 percent of new accounts have encountered this. Usually, such a ban is imposed by the network's administration on an account trying to launch an advertisement. In most cases, advertising restrictions are imposed when sending an advertising campaign for moderation or at the moment of linking a payment method.

Reasons for Blocking

Most often, new accounts are blocked due to non-compliance with Meta's requirements. Adherence to rules is taken very seriously here. Spam, fakes, and artificial boosting with bots are strictly forbidden. "Grey" offers and creatives that might offend someone's feelings also raise concerns. At the slightest suspicion that the advertiser might become a source of problems in the future, the platform imposes an advertising ban.

Advertising Restrictions Lifted – "Clean" Accounts

Accounts with lifted restrictions are highly valuable for any advertiser, as they are fully ready for launching advertising campaigns. Arbitrageurs do not have to spend time passing checks and performing related manipulations.

Certainly, one can manually overcome advertising restrictions by waiting for the ban (which is almost certain) and then meeting the platform's requirements. Typically, the account owner must confirm their identity by providing Facebook with a photo of their passport or driver's license. Support checks the photograph and decides whether to lift (or not lift) the ban. All this takes a lot of time and effort, requiring specific knowledge. For beginners making their first steps in arbitrage, the task is often daunting, as personal data is usually not used for creating advertising accounts. However, there is a highly demanded service in the market – the sale of accounts with passed advertising restrictions.

Accounts with Restrictions Lifted: Why are They Essential?

If you intend to work on Facebook on a regular basis, promoting products or services (whether your own or for clients), you cannot do without verified accounts with the advertising ban lifted. In 2021, the platform introduced a new rule – every advertiser must confirm their identity. Today, it is impossible to launch an advertisement in the social network's Ads Manager without providing the administration with a photo of documents.

Buy Accounts with Passed Advertising Restrictions with a Guarantee

Our company deals with the sale of Facebook accounts with restrictions lifted under the most favorable conditions for our clients. We have new accounts that have successfully passed the check and are fully ready for use, as well as what has the highest value – old accounts, registered and successfully passed the restrictions before the platform introduced new rules. Using such tools guarantees profit for the buyer, as advertising campaigns launched from such accounts do not raise questions from the platform.

We adhere to a loyal pricing policy and offer clients the most favorable terms of cooperation. Knowledgeable consultants will happily answer all questions and offer the best solution in each specific case.