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50$ | PVA Softreg | Country Ukraine | 12 month | Interests | Farming 90 days | 100+ friends + 2FA + 2 BM + NEW FP + Avatar + Mail + Cookies + User-Agent (full description)

PVA Softreg Facebook account. Accounts are registered via PC using mobile ip from kyivstar

Verified via SMS

Aged 1 year

Female gender. Names in Cyrillic . A new design FP + 2 BM has been created 

Farmed 90 days

User Agent + Cookies extracted

2FA is enable

How we prepare accounts

The process of setting up accounts starts with their creation in a specialized anti-detect browser on pristine profiles. We use top-quality Ukrainian mobile proxies for registration. Before registering, we perform certain actions to make the profile appear as if it belongs to a real user. Registration is carried out using a Ukrainian mobile number and an email address intended for receiving codes from Facebook.

Before farming begins, accounts experience a brief period of inactivity. This is followed by active profile completion: setting up an avatar, adding a variety of personal information, linking an email, enabling two-factor authentication, removing the phone number, and much more.

Over 60 days in 2023, or at least 8-10 farming sessions lasting 4 hours each, detailed user behavior modeling is conducted. This includes extensive interaction with Facebook: scrolling through feeds, liking, creating and reposting posts, subscribing, commenting, participating in games, watching videos, and adding friends.

A crucial point of preparation is working with advertising tools, including the creation and individual customization of two fan pages with a new design. The pages are fully completed, with at least 10 posts made, and 20 to 50 friends invited. The age of the pages matches the age of the accounts. Blue Print training courses have been completed.

To make the profile seem alive and trustworthy, communication with other users through Messenger is maintained. Gradually adding friends, the account eventually ends up with no less than 100 people, most of whom are in the same geographical region. We try to avoid requests from users in other countries and unreliable accounts. Some users are blocked.

The most important stage is creating activity outside of Facebook. Thanks to activity on various sites, in stores, and services, no less than 10 advertising interests are formed on the accounts. For this purpose, selective transitions through ads and submissions of applications are carried out.

In the final stage, a secondary check of the profiles' advertising tools is conducted, and cookies are extracted, including data from all visited sites.

This approach to preparation guarantees the creation of profiles that externally are indistinguishable from real people's accounts, possess activity both inside and outside Facebook, are set up for subsequent work with advertising, and are fully ready for immediate use. All necessary documents are included in the package. The total age is 12 months.


login|pass | mail login | mail password | useragent | Profile link


PVA Softreg, Ukraine. IP - Kyivstar

Registration via PC, confirmed by SMS

Aged 1 year + farm 60 days

2 BM + new design FP

Login:Password; mail + password from mail;

Name and Surname (in Latin); Date of birth;

Facebook profile link;

2FA, User Agent; Cookies

Login recommendations

Check accounts before the first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example

or use this checker

Refund policy

No substitutions will be made after logging into the account. Check accounts before logging in using the method specified in the recommendations