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King Accounts with Personal Accounts

If you are taking your first steps in arbitrage and trying to launch an effective advertising campaign, you have likely already encountered a plethora of new terms, the meanings of which may seem unclear. One of these is the “king account,” which offers numerous advantages to advertisers.

What is a King Account?

Experienced arbitrageurs refer to such accounts as “moms.” They know that these are high-quality trust accounts on Facebook, which facilitate more comfortable scaling of advertising campaigns. It’s a simple, user-friendly tool that also allows scaling with minimal extra expenses. To one king account, several so-called “auxiliary accounts” - less quality accounts - can be linked, thus enabling larger scale operations. Usually, king accounts have already passed the ban on advertising activities and are fully ready for their intended use.

How Do King Accounts Work?

King accounts with personal messages are good trust accounts, and every self-respecting arbitrageur should have a couple or three at their disposal. They can be created independently (which requires time and certain skills) or bought ready-made from a trusted, reliable seller, such as our company (a sensible decision that allows you to effortlessly obtain an effective work tool with a quality guarantee).

The working scheme is as follows:

  • If necessary, the account is further developed.
  • Other accounts are added to its business manager (this is done by requesting access). Experienced specialists recommend adding no more than 5 subsidiary cabinets to one king account.
  • Access rights are assigned (through the business manager).

To request access to subsidiary ad cabinets, an ID is required. It can be found in the address bar. To see it, open Ads Manager on the subsidiary account (it refers to the numbers indicated after act).

This scheme has many advantages, as it allows managing ad cabinets from the business manager of a verified and reliable king account. This eliminates the risk of an advertising ban and opens up broad opportunities for scaling without extra effort.

It is not advisable to use the cheapest self-registered subsidiary accounts for linking. A more sensible decision would be to purchase quality self-registered accounts that have been pre-warmed for working with Facebook.

How to Choose a King Account

Before purchasing King accounts with personal messages, pay attention to the following:

  • Whether the advertising restrictions have been passed.
  • The device from which the account was registered.
  • The IP used during registration, and location information.
  • Whether registration was confirmed by SMS.
  • The account's identification address.
  • Cookie files.
  • Whether there is a photo necessary for document verification on Facebook.
  • Whether there is a token from the ad cabinet.

Quality King Accounts with Personal Messages at an Affordable Price

Our company offers buyers trust King accounts that have passed the advertising restrictions and are fully ready for use on Facebook for advertising activities. Having worked in the niche market for over 4 years, we have gained an excellent reputation as a reliable partner. All accounts are thoroughly tested before sale, and each comes with a guarantee. Our managers are always ready to answer questions and provide detailed consultations, so clients can make a well-informed choice. Contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will provide not only quality products but also the most favorable terms of cooperation.