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Auto-Registered Accounts with MIX GEO

Facebook, not just a popular social network but also one of the most demanded platforms for promoting various goods and services, is actively used in advertising activities by inhabitants of many world countries. Due to its strict rules, working on this platform is not straightforward, requiring various tools and consumables. One of these tools is auto-registered accounts with MIX GEO, available in unlimited quantities in our online store.

What are Auto-Registrations?

A quality account ensures that a webmaster can at least test a bundle and understand the feasibility of scaling before algorithms block it. This is why large teams usually have their own farming department, while solo workers regularly collaborate with verified stores that continuously supply them with the required amount of trust accounts.

Auto-registrations refer to ownerless accounts registered manually or with specialized software. They are the cheapest consumables – primitive, short-lived, but perfectly suited for a range of tasks. The cost of these accounts starts at 50 cents, with prices dropping even lower for bulk purchases.

Experienced professionals recommend letting auto-registrations sit for a while after purchase to extend their lifespan. Launching from fresh accounts is not advisable as they are quickly banned. That's why savvy arbitrageurs often farm auto-registrations or use them in combination with trust accounts.

Sources of Auto-Registrations

Currently, there are three sources of auto-registrations: through a web interface, using Android emulators, and employing Android smartphones. Accounts registered via the web interface are the least durable and often get banned almost immediately. More durable are those created from emulators, while the highest quality is attributed to those registered from smartphones, demanding more effort and thus costing more.

The cost of auto-registrations depends on various factors, such as duration, SMS verification, the presence of a fan page, a friends list, etc. GEO also plays a significant role. For instance, some accounts are specific to one country, while auto-registrations with MIX GEO allow working with any region. Often, accounts come with additional options useful for arbitrageurs – access tokens, cookies, etc. If an auto-registration has passed advertising restrictions, its price increases significantly, transforming it into a more reliable working tool.

For example, having friends positively affects the trustworthiness of an account. Cookies help "humanize" the account in the eyes of Facebook, and the EAAB-token allows working in the API interface, i.e., launching campaigns through auto-filling. In other words, the more extensive the processing of auto-registrations, the more expensive they are, but the broader their functionality.

Quality Auto-Registrations with MIX GEO at an Affordable Price and Guarantee

Our online store's catalog features a wide selection of auto-registrations suitable for use in any GEO. With over 4 years in the market, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner who values each customer. Our experienced consultants always provide professional assistance in choosing the right product and offer the most favorable terms for buyers.