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Farmed Accounts with MIX GEO

Advertising 'grey' offers and engaging in their promotion on Facebook and other platforms is a challenging task. It requires passing moderation, creating platform-compliant creatives, working with the target audience, and conveying all the advantages of the platform. It's important to consider the characteristics of the target audience (TA), as the mentality of people living in countries like Ukraine and the USA differs significantly. This is where farmed accounts with MIX GEO come into play, one of the most in-demand items in our online store.

What is Account Farming?

Farming involves creating fake profiles that are indistinguishable from real ones, thanks to proper warming up. They minimize, if not eliminate, the risk of blocks. Every arbitrageur promoting their products or working for hire dreams of a good farmed account – perfectly filled out, sufficiently active, not arousing any suspicion from bots and moderators, and therefore capable of bringing stable profit for months.

Farmed accounts with MIX GEO are created and developed trust accounts of social networks, suitable for advertising activities in any GEO. They enjoy high trust from platforms and do not arouse suspicions from bots or moderators. The higher the trustworthiness of such accounts, the lower the risk of them being blocked after publishing questionable or prohibited content.

Reasons to Use Farmed Accounts:

  • To prevent platform algorithms or moderators (if the check is manual) from recognizing fake users and blocking the account.
  • For longer use of the account in offers (saving time and money for the arbitrageur).
  • To have the account moderated by a bot for as long as possible, rather than a human moderator, who is harder to deceive.

Professional farmers, representatives of a profession that emerged about 6 years ago, handle the creation and development of farmed accounts with MIX GEO. Nowadays, such accounts are not just desirable – they are necessary and are used by both individual arbitrageurs and entire teams of specialists involved in online promotion.

Manual farming is highly valued. It involves performing all necessary actions in the account manually by a real person, not a program. The price of such accounts depends on the duration of the farming – the longer it lasted, the better, as the trustworthiness is higher.

Farming should last at least a week, sometimes it takes a month or even more. Specially trained individuals form a friend list, communicate with them, subscribe to groups, and show activity by liking, reposting, and commenting on publications. The user's own page, its design, correct personal information, and feed also play an important role. The quality of the account and its effectiveness in future advertising activities directly depend on the quality of farming.

There is also the concept of external farming, where registration on other sites is done via a Facebook profile. This creates a 'Cookie trail,' forming the account history and significantly increasing trustworthiness.

Quality Farmed Accounts with MIX GEO at an Affordable Price

Our online store offers a wide range of well-warmed accounts for any GEO, suitable for successful promotion in popular social networks. All accounts have been thoroughly checked by experienced specialists and are fully ready for use on the day of purchase. If you are unsure which solution to choose, contact us and receive advice from a competent expert. They will answer all your questions and help you make a well-informed choice.