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50$ | PVA Softreg | Country Ukraine | 12-24 month | Farmed up to 30 days | Friends + NEW FP + Ava + Mail + Cookies + User-Agent (full description)

PVA Softreg facebook account, country Ukraine. Accounts was created manually using Ukrainian mobile proxies.

Created Fan Page of new design, Gender - Female, names in Latin alphabet

The total age of the account 12-24 months. Conducted farming accounts within 20-30 days

The process of setting up accounts unfolds as follows:

The initiation of account creation leverages a smartphone that's already set up. Prior to the registration process, browsing various websites and services through the phone's browser is instrumental in crafting a user profile rich with specific interests for the account to be.

The establishment of the account is achieved via SMS verification, utilizing a temporary mobile number, which precedes a latency period designed to weed out accounts deemed non-viable.

Subsequent to this latency phase, there's an activation of user engagement on the account, encompassing filling out the profile and uploading media content. It is during this phase that a mail ru email is associated with the account and an evaluation of advertising tools is conducted.

Activity on the accounts escalates in the days that follow, involving feed scrolling, engaging with likes, reposting, and immersive interaction with video content through comments.

Forging a new Fan Page marks a distinct phase in preparation for advertising endeavors, encompassing stages of farming with thorough completion of information and posting.

Throughout all stages of preparation, a network of friends and followers is cultivated on the account. While there might be exceptions with no friends, typically, the count could escalate to 50.

In the culmination phase, a thorough reassessment of the accounts' advertising mechanisms is undertaken, leading to the extraction of tokens and cookies.

This meticulous preparation culminates in the realization of active, ready-to-launch accounts for advertising campaigns or further independent enhancement. These accounts display a spectrum of advertising interests and preferences within their feeds. The aggregate duration of the accounts' existence spans at least 12 months.


login:password and mail password:date:ID:User-agent:cookies


PVA Softreg, Ukraine, age 12-24 months

Registration on a mobile device. IP Ukraine

Confirmed via SMS

Farming up to 30 days

Added avatar, genderv - female

Date of birth + Email is included

New FP, User Agent, Cookies

Login recommendations

Proxy RU IP is required to login the email

Check accounts before the first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example

or use this checker

Refund policy

No replacement will be made after logging into the account. Check accounts before logging in using the method specified in the recommendations