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50$ | Softreg Facebook PVA | Country Ukraine | KING + 9 ad accounts | 2 FA + FP + Avatar + Mail + Token + Cookies + UserAgent (full description)

PVA Facebook account, registered via SMS

Country Ukraine. Fan Page with avatar and cover created

You can work with this account and through auto mass launch tools. Policy accepted

There are created KING ad account + 9 additional ad accounts

Stages of preparation of account

  • basic activities:  likes, scrolling, following, etc
  • surfing on sites to increase trust and generate 2-3 interest on the account
  • FP filling with 1-5 posts


Login:password:mail:mail_pass:date of birth:ID:User-agent:token:cookie


Registration via emulator or PC

IP - Ukraine

Email included; avatar uploaded; date of birth

Politics accepted

Token EAAB


User Agent

Login recommendations

Two-factor authentication is enabled (may not be enabled). There are 2 FA codes in the package. There is also a key to get them via or google authenticator

If you log in via login-parl, Facebook will ask for a 6 digit secret code. To generate the codes, use the site or Google authenticator mobile app or extension

where ISSUER you point whatever you want, and SECRET you take from your account kit - it is a sequence of 32 characters.

It is recommended to run ads via mass launch tools on all accounts at the same time. If adding to mass launch tools results in a ban, the account will not be replaced

To avoid bans, it may be necessary to log in to the account via anti-detection beforehand

Refund policy

Check accounts before the first login

Working condition of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

If adding to mass launch tools results in a ban, the account will not be replaced

No replacements will be made after logging into the account