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50$ | PVA Softreg | Country Ukraine | Reinstated BM | Farmed 14 days | 2 BM + 2 NEW FP + 2FA + Profile pic + Mail + Token + Cookies + UA (full description).

PVA Softreg Facebook account, country Ukraine

Created through an emulator, using mobile proxy Ukraine

The account is registered to a phone number, confirmation by mail.

On the account created 2 Reinstated BM. The account itself did not pass ZRD. The account is a carrier for Reinstated BM. BM limit $50

The account has been trained for 15 days

Mail is included, avatar is filled in; token, user agent, cookies are extracted. All actions on the account were carried out with ip UA

The account preparation process includes the following steps:

Accounts are created in a specially prepared anti-detect browser profile. Reliable Ukrainian mobile proxies are used for registration. Pre-registration activity in the device's browser is conducted to form the appearance of a typical user. A mobile number from Ukraine is used for registration, along with an email provided for receiving Facebook codes.

After creation, accounts remain inactive for a short period before starting active farming. Subsequent activities include detailed profile filling, avatar setting, adding personal information, linking an email, enabling two-factor authentication, and more.

Over 14 days or 7-8 farming sessions, a thorough simulation of real user activity is carried out, excluding the day of registration.

The simulation includes comprehensive interaction with Facebook, such as scrolling, liking, posting, reposting, following, commenting, engaging in games, watching videos, and adding friends.

An important stage of preparation is working with advertising tools, specifically creating two fan pages with a new design and detailed customization of one of them. The pages are fully filled, with 3 to 8 posts placed, and friends invited. A Business Manager (BM), confirmed via email, is also created.

To create a trustworthy profile, communication with other Facebook users through Messenger is maintained. Friends are gradually added, with the number reaching up to 60 people. Requests from users in other countries and unreliable accounts are excluded, and some users are blocked.

A key task is organizing activity outside of Facebook. Thanks to work on various sites and services, no less than 10 advertising interests and preferences are formed. For this purpose, selective transitions through ads and submissions of applications are carried out.

In the end, all advertising functions are re-checked, and tokens and cookies are extracted, including data from visited sites.

Thanks to such preparation, accounts indistinguishable from those of real users are created, with activity inside and outside Facebook, ready for advertising activities and immediate use. The package includes all necessary documents and photos for selfies. The total lifespan of the accounts is 20-30 days


Firstname Lastename|Date|Password FB|2FA|Email|Password Email|ID account|UserAgent|Cookies


PVA Softreg Facebook account, country Ukraine.  Created through an emulator

Registration by phone number, 1 account = 1 number

All actions on the account were carried out with ip UA

Registration on mobile proxies, 1 account = 1 IP

Farm for 15 days

On the account created 2 REINSTATED BM . Limit BM $50

Created and connected mail (included). Profile completed. Policy accepted. Friends added

2 FP, Token, Cookies, User-Agent

Login recommendations

Check accounts before the first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example

or use this checker

If you work with mass launch services, we recommend that you log in to your account via antidetect before launching it to perform user actions in it for a few minutes: scrolling the feed, visiting publics, etc

Refund policy

No replacement will be made after logging into the account. Check accounts before logging in using the method specified in the recommendations