Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions that you agree to when purchasing goods on the website accountsforads.com

Terms and Conditions of Purchase on the website accountsforads.com

Main provisions of the "accountsforads.com" store:

1.1. The store does not create or sell accounts on external platforms and acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers.
1.2. The store does not have tools to control the information being sold and is not responsible for the accounts.
1.3. The Seller (Supplier) is responsible for the quality and functionality of the accounts.

Supplier's liability and procedure for returning invalid (defective) goods:

2.1. The Supplier guarantees the functionality of the accounts at the time of sale. The Buyer must check the accounts immediately after purchase.
2.1.1. In case of finding unavailable accounts, contact the store support via Telegram: accountsforads.com
2.1.2. Accounts used in anti-detection browsers or for running advertising campaigns are not subject to replacement or refund.

Other replacement conditions:

3.1. The Supplier considers replacement cases individually if they do not fall under the situations described above.
3.1.1. Accounts that are defect-free and were acquired or provided through support are not subject to refund or replacement.
3.1.2. Login restrictions: It is prohibited to log into two or more accounts without a proxy from one device.
3.1.3. IP address requirements: It is forbidden to use a home static IP address, IPv6 proxies, public proxies, packet and shared proxies. Only personal IPv4 and mobile proxies are allowed. All paid and free VPN services are prohibited.
3.1.4. It is prohibited to use device emulators, virtual machines, VDS and VPS servers.

Support and responses to queries:

4.1. The store undertakes to respond to queries within 24 hours, except during night hours.
4.2. In case of questions or problems related to the purchase or use of accounts, contact via email: accountsforads.com or via Telegram: accountsforads.com
Changes to rules and conditions and agreement with them:
5.1. The store reserves the right to make changes to these rules and conditions at any time without prior notice.
5.2. Purchasing on the website implies acceptance of all conditions. In case of disagreement, please refrain from purchasing.

Functionality and replacement of goods:

6.1. The functionality of accounts is guaranteed within 24 hours after purchase, provided the rules of their use are observed.
6.2. Replacement of accounts is possible within 24 hours after purchase if they do not work due to the fault of the store and the rules of use are observed.
6.3. Refunds are made to specified electronic wallets if replacement of goods is not possible. Refunds to bank cards and other payment systems are not provided.
6.4. Accounts are sold for personal use only and are not subject to resale.
6.5. Orders are stored in the system for no more than one month.
6.6. After prolonged use of accounts, customers are required to change passwords and ensure their security.
6.7. Consent to newsletter: By purchasing and providing an email, the customer automatically agrees to receive informational newsletters from the store.

Customer confirmation:

7.1. By agreeing to the rules during purchase, the customer confirms that they have read the detailed description of the accounts and agree to all the rules and conditions.
7.2. After purchasing the product, all responsibility for its use is transferred to the customer.