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Farmed Accounts Europe

Farmed accounts in Europe, social network accounts with GEOs from European countries, are consistently in high demand among our online store clients. These are necessary when the products or services promoted on Facebook or other similar platforms are targeted at European users.

What are Farmed Accounts?

Farming accounts refers to a range of actions needed to create an appearance of active engagement in advertising accounts. All these actions are performed to make the platform believe that the account owner is a real, living person.

The main goal is to minimize the likelihood of being blocked for violating the rules and requirements of each specific social network. For instance, Facebook is very cautious about accounts used for advertising services or products. The rules are extremely strict here, and the slightest violation could lead to a ban. Therefore, those intending to engage in advertising and seeking good, stable profit must ensure their accounts are farmed, making sure the actions performed in the accounts correspond to the required GEO, in this case, Europe.

Farming is especially crucial when working with so-called brute accounts, old accounts abandoned by their real owners. It's also necessary when using new registrations, which have been registered very recently.

Sources of Farmed Accounts Europe

Like with any other accounts, they can be obtained in two ways:

Creating and preparing them yourself. This involves a lengthy process: registering a profile, filling it with necessary information, and confirming it by entering a code from an SMS or any other method provided by the platform.

After that, the routine begins, which is time-consuming as each account (usually several are registered) needs to appear actively engaged – joining groups, showing systematic activity, forming a friend list and interacting with them, liking, maintaining the feed, etc. All of this is demanding, and for beginners in arbitrage, it can even deter them from engaging in advertising.

Buying a ready-made farmed account with the corresponding GEO – Europe, Ukraine, Asia, etc. This is a popular method in high demand in the market. Experienced specialists knowledgeable in arbitrage who have been successfully engaged in advertising activities for a long time highly appreciate the advantages of buying ready-made accounts.

Types of Farmed Accounts Europe

Our store offers various types of farmed accounts for customers:

  • Auto-registrations, i.e., accounts created automatically using specialized software, usually in large batches. This is the most budget-friendly but not very reliable solution, which is justified in certain cases.
  • Self-registrations. Accounts manually registered by farming department employees using SIM cards. Their quality is higher, and identity can be confirmed or social network verification passed if necessary.
  • Rental accounts, i.e., accounts of real people working on one platform or another. They are more expensive but the quality is significantly higher.

With 4 years of successful experience in the relevant market, we offer high-quality farmed accounts in Europe with a guarantee. Purchased goods from us can be used immediately for their intended purpose, and practice shows that there are usually no problems with the accounts.

Our staff is always ready to provide consultation and sound advice, helping choose the optimal solution for various purposes.