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250$ | Verified BM 250 | Ad cabinet is created | 2018-2022 | Suitable for WA, apps (full description)

Aged verified BM with limit $250, 2018-2022

Limit $50 - may increase after traffic is triggered

Created 1 cabinet with the currency US dollar.

Verification was done using real company documents using HTTPS sites

BM will work with Whatsapp API, apps and other features requiring verification.




Aged BM $250 (verification 2018-2022)

Country random

Created 1 ad acccount, currency USD

Limit $50 (may increase)

Login recommendations

You are required to log into the BM immediately after purchase and check the limit

You are required to remove all admins from the BM

The BM is guaranteed until the end of the day

If you have found any nuances that fall under the warranty case, please write to the manager

Refund policy

The BM is guaranteed until the end of the day (see recommendations)

Refunds and replacements are made:

  • there are access problems,
  • the BM was banned before purchase,
  • BMs are not verified in the company information section, or verification was canceled before purchase,

Refunds and replacements will NOT be made:

  • has fallen or BM has been banned after any actions in BM - card binding, sending docks, launching advertising, WA API activation, etc. 
  • verif went down after any actions,
  • BM was banned the next day after any activity,
  • no new ad offices are added, no pixel is not straying. For this to happen it is necessary to cast further
  • There is an error when linking the card, or FB does not confirm the card. You need to try more, or use a different card.