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50$ | Softreg | Country Ukraine | Card binded to account | Mail + 2FA + Profile pic + Token + Cookies + User Agent (full description)

New Facebook account, registered via SMS, mail is tied (included). 2FA is enabled

Proxies of Ukraine were used during creation

The credit card was added to Ads Manager. There is no access to the card. Before you start working with the account, you need to link a new card

Advertising was not launched. Received billing $2-10




Account registered via SMS

Mobile proxies Ukraine were used during registration

Account country - Ukraine, Currency - US Dollar (You can put grivna);

Token EAAB


User Agent

Login recommendations

Check accounts before the first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example

or use this checker

Refund policy

No substitutions will be made after logging into the account. Check accounts before logging in using the method specified in the recommendations