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50$ | PVA Softreg | Country Poland | Farmed from 5 days | NEW FP + 2FA + Profile picture + Mail + Token EAAB + Cookies + User-Agent (full description)

PVA Softreg facebook account, country Poland. confirmed by SMS.

Accounts are prepared manually, using mobile ip Poland

Farmed accounts from 5 days. Created a new type of Fan Page. Names in Latin. Gender - Female

Geo RK - Poland, currency USD/EUR

The account setup process undergoes the following stages:

Accounts are created using a pre-configured smartphone. Before registration begins, internet activity through the device's browser is utilized to create a user profile by visiting various websites and services, to instill specific interests into the future account.

Account registration is conducted via SMS verification on a temporary mobile number. This is followed by a dormancy phase, necessary to weed out accounts unfit for further use.

After the waiting period, active usage of the account begins, including profile completion and media content uploads. At this time, a mail ru email address is also linked to the account, and advertising functions are checked.

Subsequently, the account undergoes a phase of intensive activity, which includes scrolling through feeds, liking, reposting content, and actively interacting with video content, including leaving comments.

An important part of the preparation is setting up the accounts for future advertising activities by creating a new fan page (NEW PF), which undergoes its own stages of preparation, including filling out information and posting.

During the account preparation process, a circle of friends and followers is formed, the number of which may vary depending on the stage and can reach up to 20 people.

At the final stage, all advertising functions of the account are re-checked, and tokens and cookies are extracted.

As a result, actively prepared accounts are obtained, ready for launching advertising campaigns or further development. The accounts have advertising preferences and interests. The average age of the accounts is from 1 month.


login:password and mail password:date:ID:User-agent:cookies


PVA Softreg, Poland, age from 1 months

Registration on a mobile device, IP Poland

Confirmed via SMS

Farming from 5 days

Added avatar, genderv - female

Date of birth + Email is included

New FP, User Agent, Cookies

Login recommendations

Proxy RU IP is required to login the email

Check accounts before the first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example

or use this checker

Refund policy

No replacement will be made after logging into the account. Check accounts before logging in using the method specified in the recommendations