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50$ | Softreg | Country USA | 2 ZRD BM (Restricted Ads activities) | 2 BM + FP + 2FA + Profile pic + Mail + Token + Cookies + User Agent (full description).

Facebook account, Geo USA

Registered on a real mobile device with phone number verification using US mobile IPs

The account itself has not passed the ZRD. The account acts as a holder of BM with a limit of $50

There are 2 BMs on the account. Both with restricted Ads activities (you haveto pass restriction by yourself)




Softreg, USA

There are 2 BM. Both on ZRD (you need to pass ZRD restrictions by yourself)

Registration for real smartphones

Registration via phone numbers, 1 account = 1 number (number not included)

Registration via mobile proxies, 1 account = 1 IP

Email is created and connected (included);

Fan Page


User Agent

Login recommendations

Check accounts before the first login

Working condition of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

Refund policy

Check accounts before the first login

No replacements will be made after logging into the account

All accounts are verified in the manner specified in the Recommendations