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50$ | PVA Softreg Facebook | Reinstated | Selfie passed | Created via SMS | NEW FP + Email + Avatar + Token + Cookies + UA (full description)

Manual registration accounts from Ukrainian mobile ip (Kiev), via facebook mobile app.

ZRD passed

Limit $25-50

Accounts are suitable for mass launch(there is a token).

Profile is filled and contains 5 photos. New FP is created and filled

Email included, registration was done by SMS.

Documents were sent to pass the RDA, selfies were taken. After that there was a small delay


Registration Date|Login:Password|Facebook Link|Two-Factor Authorization|CodesMail|Token|Cookies|User Agent|Instagram|Screens|Date of Birth


ZRD passed

Limit $25-50

Login - phone number from which registration took place (SMS+)


First and Last name (in Cyrillic)


Link to Facebook profile

User Agent

EAAB Token


Login recommendations

Check accounts before the first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example

or use this checker

Refund policy

No substitutions will be made after logging into the account. Check accounts before logging in using the method specified in the recommendations